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What we do

What We Do

EffectiveTalent Office  (ETO) is a professional services firm specializing in supporting the success of capable executives, enhancing the effectiveness of leaders on their path toward higher-level responsibilities. We coach senior executives seeking to be more effective in their current roles, and promising talent aspiring to broader leadership accountability. The client executive’s needs, combined with the breadth of our experience in varied functions and settings, inform the coaching assignment and help establish the most effective working relationship.   


Our employment, coaching, and consulting experiences encompass general management, P&L accountability, and leadership roles including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR Officer, Chief Information Officer, and high-potential senior directors. Our industry experience spans consumer goods, banking and insurance, digital technology, health care, capital equipment, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, retail operations, and aerospace.

Drawing on this foundation, we help clients address organizational and situational challenges, and capitalize on opportunities for growth so they thrive in their careers.  


Our premise and mission


The premise of EffectiveTalent is that managers and their employees are most effective when they align on purpose, priorities, performance, and potential. As responsibilities grow, nuances in what effective leadership looks like can challenge even the most highly-regarded talent. Alignment on these themes is the first step toward high performance and eventual advancement. 

The mission of EffectiveTalent is to help leaders achieve greater clarity and delivery on these themes. The result is accelerated acclimation to new roles, enhanced day-to-day mastery, and greater insight into what it means to excel in each executive’s unique context. 

The mission of EffectiveTalent is to help leaders achieve greater clarity and delivery on these themes. The result is accelerated acclimation to new roles, enhanced day-to-day mastery, and greater insight into what it means to excel in each executive’s unique context. 

EffectiveTalent Office

Services:How We Help Clients

We help client executives improve results in five specific areas:


  • See themselves as others see them

  • Appreciate how their approach or behaviors impact others

  • Understand the need for change


  • Assess their leadership effectiveness

  • Identify leadership strengths, opportunities, and barriers

  • Cultivate more effective relationships

Planning and execution

  • Build well-defined goals, strategies, and supporting plans

  • Practice disciplined execution

  • Strengthen specific areas of operating performance


  • Improve listening and communication skills

  • Strengthen influence and persuasion abilities

  • Enhance leadership presence

Personal efficiency

  • Manage time effectively

  • Drive meetings with purpose and clarity

  • Handle documents, messaging, and collaboration tools efficiently. 

Executive Advisory Services
EffectiveTalent Office

Key Differentiators

The results we achieve for clients are rooted in three distinctives:

  • Experience. The breadth and depth of our professional experience at senior levels and in distinct functions provide a wellspring of pragmatic insights and proven tools. Building on this foundation and on our coaching experience, we help clients deliver results that matter, from role-specific positioning to persuasive communication, to effective behaviors and leadership presence.  


  • Expectations. Starting with our own keen sense of what high-performing organizations expect of effective executives, we invest in understanding the expectations our clients face, and build on that understanding to help frame the coaching engagement with specificity.  

  • Performance-Effectiveness-Leadership Model. Our executive advisory experience has underscored the critical importance of aligning three domains of performance: personal and organizational purpose, what effectiveness looks like in a specific context, and the resulting leadership impact the organization or situation requires. Intersections among these domains govern sustained performance in given roles, delivered impact on results, and the extent to which leadership potential is fully realized to the enduring benefit of the organization and the executive. 

EffectiveTalent Office

The Coaching Engagement

Principles. Our engagement approach ensures that both supervisor and client executive have a shared understanding of objectives, and assurance that we can deliver. Personal chemistry, confidentiality, and trust are essential. The overarching goal is confidence in the plan, in our accountability, and in the client executive’s willingness to do the work needed to create a high likelihood of success.

Scope and process. Engagements range in scope from specifically targeted (e.g., refining a leadership capability) to broadly advisory (e.g., negotiating the organization and positioning for influence). Following alignment on goals with the executive and his or her leadership, we ensure the right “chemistry” and understanding of the coaching process during an initial, informal meeting.  If the mutual decision is to move forward, engagements generally unfold in three stages:

  • In-depth interview. Our in-depth, one-on-one interview  generally lasts from two to three hours and provides an informed perspective on the executive’s organization, career context, aspirations, performance, and perceptions. This interview serves two purposes. First, it informs the engagement design that best supports growth objectives and performance opportunities. Second, it provides an occasion for reflection and self-awareness that executives rarely find time for in the normal course of their careers.


  • Engagement Plan. Following the interview, we will agree on the key steps, content, and cadence of the engagement, including specific discussion of how our work together should contribute to the agreed results, and confirming the level of commitment required from the client executive. While the plan provides guiding structure and coverage, we respond swiftly to changing situations, emerging opportunities, and unexpected events that almost always arise.  


  • Delivery. The right delivery approach varies widely depending on objectives and desired results. Scheduled discussions are the norm, with more intensive frequency or involvement driven by business needs and corporate events. We guided a manufacturing executive to more effective interaction with his leadership peers using role-play over a 6-month period. We prepared a financial manager to achieve her goal of vice president leveraging a comprehensive 12-month program. We supported the effectiveness of a newly-promoted healthcare CEO amid industry change and organization transition with a combination of operating, board, and ongoing implementation counsel. 


Duration. The length of the coaching engagement is dictated by its purpose and desired results. Our minimum engagement lasts six months with specific checkpoints on progress and executive commitment. We also offer twelve-month, program-specific engagements, as well as annual standby retainers.    

Results. Once the engagement is underway, the coach-client relationship is confidential. Typically, positive results become evident through improved client executive behaviors, performance, and impact.

How we engage
EffectiveTalent Office

Client Testimonials

“Broad-based and insightful coaching that directly supported my strategic and tactical effectiveness.”


- President and CEO, not-for-profit

“One of the most professional, accessible, and intelligent coaches anywhere.”


-  Engineering Team Lead, aerospace company

“Your approach to executive coaching is both innovative and effective. [The client I referred to you] is very pleased with the results so far; you’ve already made a difference.”


- Senior executive coach serving Fortune 300 clients

“Your prescient and insightful counsel helped me to ‘see around corners’ and respond appropriately.” 


- CEO, national health care company

“You helped me get my direct report to a point where I could promote him. I look forward to staying in touch as you continue to help me with his development.”


- Division General Manager, Fortune 300 global industrial

“Thank you for always getting to the point. I always learn valuable information from you.”


-  Start-up advisory board member

“You successfully coached me through a business crisis by continually focusing on key leadership perspectives and desired outcomes. Your are an exceptional business coach; skillful, straight-forward, and detailed, while also being empathetic.”


- Engineering Director, Fortune 200 company

“In my role as Chief Operating Officer, you were a trusted advisor who excelled at encouraging me to deepen my critical thinking, broaden my problem-solving skills, and enhance my professional brand.”


-  COO, Mid-size construction firm

“You bring integrity, insight, and vast working knowledge of the business landscape to our advisory relationships.”


-  Senior Executive, large government contractor

"You were there to help me navigate through the difficult situations while providing advice that empowered me to lead with confidence.”  

- CEO, Federal Contractor

Selected client coaching, employment, and consulting experience:

EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
EffectiveTalent Office
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